Yard of the Month

The Yard of the Month program is intended to inspire residents of the Oakcrest to take pride in the appearance and upkeep of their yards and the exterior of their homes, and to improve the appearance of our community by promoting well-kept yards. One winner each month will receive a small prize and display a "Yard of the Month" sign in their yard for the entire month. A picture of the winning yard will also be posted in the Wildwood At Oakcrest Community News Facebook Group. Every homeowner is invited to participate.


Yard Maintenance

  1. Healthy lawn, neatly mowed and edged
  2. Pruned and trimmed shrubs and trees
  3. Healthy plants
  4. Minimum weeds in flowerbeds
  5. Yard free of debris and clutter
  6. All plantings must be living (i.e., no plastic, silk or artificial plants)

Design and Landscaping

  1. Use of color and/or texture, preferably both bushes and annuals
  2. Creative curb appeal
  3. Overall aesthetic appeal, an inspiration to others in the neighborhood


  1. Beautification Efforts including new flowers, new trees, new shrubs, etc.
  2. Driveways free of vehicles are not required but are considered a plus.

Additional Rules

  1. One home will be selected each month.
  2. Each yard will be limited to winning the award only once in any calendar year.
  3. Only the front yards as viewed from the street will be judged. Backyards will not be considered.
  4. Winner must be in good standing with the Oakcrest Community Association.
  5. Current Yard of the Month Committee members are not eligible.


  • Members of the Oakcrest Yard of the Month Committee will judge, select, and check with the HOA for standing prior to the award being given.
  • Yard of the Month sign will be placed in the winning yard and is to remain the entire month.
  • If a winner does not wish to participate, allow the signage or have the on-line media presentation of their home, the award will go to the next runner up.
  • Judges decisions are final.


  • If you are a business owner in the neighborhood and would like to sponsor a Yard of the Month by donating a prize, please email the committee at [email protected].
  • You will receive recognition in the newsletter along with the appreciation from everyone in the neighborhood.

Completed Projects

  • If you have recently made improvements to your front yard and would like the committee to take a look for a chance to win, please email the committee at [email protected].
  • Thanks to all of our neighbors who maintain their yards. They make Oakcrest a pleasant place to live (and it doesn't hurt property values either).

Previous Winners

  • This map highlights Wildwood at Oakcrest in yellow.
  • Winners from 2019 are depicted with purple dots.
  • Winners from 2020 are depicted with red dots.



Thanks to our sponsors who provide the prizes.

Just Love Coffee
Tamara Hamilton
Formosa Bubble Teahouse Bonnie Collins Group: Homes, Ranch, Land
Bonnie Collins
Galveston Island Babe's Beach Condo
Cinnamon and Erik
Fast Track Swimming
Matt Hone
Scott Sheppard

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