Newsletter FAQ

  • Why did I receive a copy of the Autodesk Newsletter?

    The Autodesk Innovation Edge newsletter is sent to all members of technology preview projects on the Autodesk Feedback Community. If you are receiving the newsletter, you are a member of an active technology preview or have joined a technology preview in the past. The page where you join a free technology preview mentions:

    "I agree that Autodesk may contact me to ask for my feedback (including surveys) on improving the technology, to request permission to use my content beyond those covered by the terms of use, and to send me information about updates and new technology previews. I further agree to the general use of my personal information as described in the Autodesk Privacy Policy (including cross-border transfers as described in the policy)."

    This language is present for all technology previews and the Autodesk Labs project itself.

  • How many emails can I expect?

    The Autodesk Innovation Edge newsletter is only sent out 6 times per year.

  • How do I unsubscribe?

    To unsubscribe, simply email Autodesk Labs with unsubscribe in the title of the message. We are working on a more automated process for unsubscribing. Thank you for your understanding.

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