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Scott Sheppard has worked for Autodesk for 17 years depending on if you count acquisitions and dot coms:

  • Scott was a software developer working on the HOOPS 3D graphics system as part of Ithaca Software when the company was acquired by Autodesk. [3 years]
  • After the acquisition, Scott was a software development manager for a few Autodesk products including Heidi, WHIP!, Volo View, and Buzzsaw – including when his department was spun out as and then reacquired by Autodesk two years later. [10 years]
  • In pursuit of a lower cost of living, Scott left the Bay Area for Phoenix and worked for Océ as the software development manager for Océ Plan Center - an online digital plan room. [2 years non-Autodesk]
  • Upon returning to Autodesk, Scott served as a DWF Technical Evangelist working with Autodesk partners on DWF-related applications. [1 year]
  • For the subsequent year, Scott toiled as an Engineering Project Manager for DWF-related projects. [1 year]
  • Scott is currently a Software Development Manager working for Autodesk Labs. [2 years and counting]

Scott earned his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (anyone remember Honeywell Multics?) and a Masters of Science degree from Arizona State University (ASU) in software engineering. He lives in Scottsdale with his wife, Sheryl, of 28 years and their son who is a senior in high school. Scott and Sheryl also have a daughter who lives in Tempe as a senior at ASU. Scott works from home most days but does make it to the San Rafael/San Francisco office regularly.


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